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July 13th
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lachrimaestro replied to your post:Uncle Phil
Yes indeed, but do we *have* to call it that?

I am sorry but we do.

Treat your Uncle Phil right.

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Uncle Phil

I always see plus size bloggers talking about loving their double chins and fat arms but I have never seen anyone talk about the Uncle Phil back of the head roll.

I am going to make it my duty to change this.

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a message from Anonymous

Some of your illustrations on your other blog seem to almost have an energy to them, as if they're moving or vibrating slightly. Does that make sense? They're great!

It makes sense, there’s a really specific style that I enjoy but don’t always hit it in my own work.

Thanks for commenting. I forgot I had that other blog.

July 10th
7:39 PM

Today I had a long lost memory of a little short swing jacket I got from Evans on sale when I was 18 or so and I never wore it because I thought it made me look fatter even though it was so cool.

I wish I had that jacket right now.

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July 9th
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"Miss Carter had suffered through cancer during childhood. It went into remission, she married, she became pregnant, and during the time of her pregnancy the cancer resurfaced. She told her doctors that she wanted chemotherapy [to prolong her life — her cancer was terminal]. It was a difficult decision for her because she had looked forward to this pregnancy. Her doctors, however, refused the chemotherapy, desiring to protect the fetus’ health. Again, similar to the Burton case, [the doctors] obtained a court order that would allow them to remove the fetus by whatever means necessary and to protect the fetus’ health. In doing so they decided on fetal health over attempting to save the life of the mother. The fetus was removed from her, and it died within two hours. Angela Carter died two days later."

What about the mother’s life? Part 2 of a Q&A with Michele Goodwin

this is a disability issue, a chronic illness issue, a traumatic illness issue, a feminist issue - this should disturb everyone.

(via disabilityhistory)


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Me in 6 days.

Me in 6 days.

July 8th
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July 6th
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Eating a roast dinner so big it makes your wrist ache a bit when you carry it to the table.


July 4th
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